How to Solve Problems Using Critical Thinking Skills

Published: 03rd November 2010
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One of the most important life skills that is not taught in school is critical thinking. This is a very essential skill in life. Critical thinking is a daily habit where we adopt to train our mind to think objectively and intelligently. It is a disciplined form of thinking that trains the mind and the soul to think and act through various situations intelligently, even if we are in the most difficult or challenging situations.

For instance, in the real business situations... one should possess critical thinking to find real solution to various problems that we may have never encountered when we were in school. That is the reason why we should not stop learning after school. What we learn in school is some basic skill on how to think through simple problem. But in a real life situation, this basic thinking is not sufficient to help us to solve problems. We need critical thinking to solve real problems in real life.

The ultimate goal of critical thinking is to make us figure things out. In small businesses, the skill of critical thinking is very essential for start-up entrepreneurs. Considering the business to be relatively small, the organizational structure can be simple and most decisions rely largely on the business owner. Nonetheless, a business owner needs to develop critical thinking in order to effectively apply it in various business situations.

How important is critical thinking in businesses? What impact does it give to the business and its growth? How can entrepreneurs develop the art of logically and rationally making decisions for the good of the business?

How Important is Critical Thinking to a Business?

Entrepreneurs must develop critical thinking to contribute to the growth of business operations even if the business is just a start-up or on a small-scale level. There are reasons to apply critical thinking in your own business:

1.Business problems are solved with logical solutions; not emotions.

2.Business owners can easily identify the benefits and potential issues that the business may encounter.

3.The business grows with lesser assumptions on its operations.

4.Decisions are made intelligently. They are beneficial for the employees and for the growth of the business itself.

5.Business goals are achieved easily and effectively.

You see, all successful entrepreneurs are great critical thinkers. They must possess the ability to think through things calmly, logically and intelligently when they are faced with difficult situations. That is why successful entrepreneurs (or winners) always seem to be able to make the right decisions while losers always seem to make the wrong decisions.

How To Develop Your Critical Thinking Skill:

Here are some tips you can use to develop and hone your critical thinking skill.

Learn How To Identify Assumptions:

Assumptions can ruin your life and your business. The only way to avoid using assumptions as an ultimate solution is to learn how to identify them. When you know how to identify assumptions, you will not use them as final solution, you will use them as a base to identify for facts and evidence.

Asking Critical Thinking Questions

If you are faced with difficult decisions and you are surrounded by various assumptions, start asking critical questions to challenge the assumptions. When you do that, you will be able to identify facts and evidence from assumptions. You can only solve problems effectively if you can identify facts and evidence and use them to solve problems.

Identifying Facts from Fiction

A sufficient amount of information gathered from asking questions must lead to being able to single out facts about a given situation. These facts are necessary in finding practical solutions for a problem.

Always Confirm the Source and Check for Accuracy

Whether it is a fact or fictional information, there is always a source. Always verify with where the information is coming from. Accurate and truthful information contribute to the success of problem solving.

Develop critical thinking and make it part of your habit. If you do that, you will be able to look at problems in life objectively. You are not going to make assumptions and use them to solve important problems. Instead, you use assumptions to uncover facts and truthful evidence. With this skill, you will be able to provide solid solution to any problem both in life and businesses.

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